Honor graduates are those students who have maintained at least a 90 cumulative grade point average throughout their high school years. The student with the highest overall grade point average for the graduating class is named the Class Valedictorian and the student with the second highest grade point average is the Class Salutatorian. Students who earn a 97 – 100 grade point average receive Superintendent’s honors, students who earn a 93 – 96 grade point average receive Principal’s honors and students who earn a 90 – 92 grade point average receive honors. It is with great pride that we announce the honor graduates for the Senior Class of 2022. 

Valedictorian for the Class of 2022 and receiving Superintendent’s Honors is Will Pace 

Salutatorian for the Class of 2022 and receiving Superintendent’s Honors is . Rudra Patel 

Students receiving Superintendent’s Honors are: 

  • Ashton Childree 
  • Cleve Cofty 
  • Cassidy Nix 
  • Elizabeth Ausley 
  • Ava Godwin 
  • Veronica McConnell 

Students receiving Principal’s Honors are:

  • Kolby Jones 
  • Addie Holt 
  • Elizabeth Leal
  • Courtney Warriner 
  • Cameron Ray 
  • Baylor Williams 
  • Tynora Koonce 
  • India Roberts 
  • Mary Ann Doyle 
  • Mallory Moulton 
  • Hillary Bell 
  • Nicholas Barber 
  • Maddox Jarvis 
  • Shakajia Henderson 
  • Kelly Sanchez Marquez 
  • Alexis Kimble 
  • Jaylen Brannon 
  • Chevy Bush 
  • Tykeria Rainey 

Students receiving Honors are: 

  • Omar Brown 
  • Daisy Camina 
  • Tyakajia Henderson 
  • Travis Sims 
  • Bryston Buggs 
  • Tyti'ana Mathis 
  • Kensley Stegall 
  • Madison O’Hearn 
  • Anna Belisle 
  • Kayla Sheffield 
  • Madison Hunter