Girls Region Track and Field Results

  • Team: 2nd Overall in the Region

  • Sectional Qualifiers:

    • Taneria Williams (1st Place Discus; 2nd Place Shot Put)

    • Key’Shyriah West (3rd Place Long Jump; 4th Place 200m; 4th Place 4x100m relay)

    • Akaila Smith (3rd Place Shot Put)

    • Tyakajia Henderson (4th Place Shot Put)

    • Zy’Kiera King (1st Place 4x800m Relay; 2nd Place 300m Hurdles)

    • Indiya Williams (1st Place 4x800m Relay; 3rd Place 800m Run)

    • Nakayla Adams (1st Place 4x800m Relay; 4th Place 4x400m Relay)

    • Geisha Smith (1st Place 4x800m Relay; 1st Place 1600m Run, 1st Place 3200m Run)

    • Sierra Barber (4th place 4x100m Relay)

    • Pashan Stamper (4th place 4x100m Relay)

    • Dremia Murphy (4th place 4x100m Relay)

    • Tee’Leyah Hale (2nd Place 400m Run, 4th place 4x400m Relay)

    • Kerionna Moore (4th Place 4x400m Relay)

    • Mychaela Beard (4th Place 4x400m Relay)

Broken Down:

1st Place:

Discus- Taneria Williams

4x800m Relay- Zyi’Kiera King, Indiya Williams, Nakayla Adams, Geisha Smith

1600m Run- Geisha Smith

3200m Run- Geisha Smith

2nd Place:

Shot Put- Taneria Williams

300m Hurdles- Zyi’Kiera King

400m Dash- Tee’Leyah Hale

3rd Place: 

Shot Put- Akaila Smith

800m Run- Indiya Williams

Long Jump- Key’Shyriah West

4th Place:

Shot Put- Tyakajia Henderson

4x100m Relay- Key’Shyriah West, Sierra Barber, Pashan Stamper, Dremia Murphy

200m Dash- Key’Shyriah West

4x400m Relay- Nakayla Adams, Kerionna Moore, Mychaela Beard, Tee’Leyah Hale