Dress Code

Violation of School Dress Code: 

No student shall dress in a manner that is distracting, interferes with normal school activities, or is not in keeping with good taste and accepted school standards. The administration reserves the right to determine whether any form of dress or grooming is inappropriate. Dress code rules include:

Clothing may not be shorter than 3 inches from the top of the kneecap (worn properly at the waistline). Any clothing that shows a student’s undergarments is inappropriate.

Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times.  Bedroom shoes are prohibited.    

No clothing which advertises substances illegal to minors, and/or is suggestive or obscene.

Clothing with derogatory, distracting, offensive, terroristic, insulting, sexual, violent, or insinuating messages are prohibited.

Halter-tops, tube tops, strapless garments, crop tops, midriffs, tank tops, see-through and backless shirts and spaghetti-strap tops are not permitted. Sleeveless tops and dresses

should be at least 2” wide and cover the majority of the shoulder area with no other straps visible. Sleeveless shirts may not be worn by male students. All clothing should be non-revealing in the chest area and midriff area whether standing or sitting.  Shirts for males may be worn untucked if they have a straight hem (t-shirt, polo, etc.) and are no longer than 3” below the belt. Shirts with tails must be tucked in at all times. Backs should be covered from the neck to the waist.

Low cut necklines are not permitted. Cleavage, the exposure of the breast area, is prohibited. Tops must cover cleavage and be sized appropriately.

Jeans with holes above the knees are not permitted above the 3 inches mark (even with leggings underneath).  No spandex or tight fitting pants, pajama bottoms, swim shorts or boxer shorts worn as shorts are permitted. Leggings must be covered with loose clothing (shirts/skirts/dress/shorts) within 3 inches above the top of the kneecap.   

Joggers, athletic shorts/pants that adhere to the pants and shorts guidelines are permitted.

 • Sunglasses may not be worn inside the school building without being prescribed by a doctor and with administrative prior approval.

No hats, bandannas, toboggans, head coverings, headbands more than 2 inches,  or caps of any kind will be allowed on the campus. Long coats or ‘trench coats’ are not allowed on school property.

Sagging pants or any clothing worn below the hip, thus exposing the student or his/her undergarments are not permitted.

Distracting body piercings are prohibited.