o   Study, study, study! Your grades now contribute to your overall GPA used for college.

o   Pick courses that challenge you.

o   Get involved! You do not have to join EVERY club, but at least find one interest that you are passionate about.

o   Create a yearly schedule for courses to meet graduation requirements.

o   Talk to an advisor or school counselor about taking AP/Honors courses.

o   Identify fields of interest for career or major through online research.

o   Start a list of accomplishments, awards and recognitions you receive.



o   Build a resume with your list of activities, awards and recognitions.

o   Begin college visits on your days off and over the summer.

o   Continue to take challenging courses, but be careful of overload.

o   Begin taking on leadership roles in your extracurricular activities or sports teams.

o   Decide on and register for the SAT and/or ACT. Take practice test!

o   Choose scholarship opportunities to pursue, mark important dates and deadlines on a calendar.

o   Narrow down the colleges being considered.

o   Check your HOPE GPA in GA Futures.


o   Make good use of your summer. Work, play sports, or volunteer, it will pay off.

o   Explore colleges (on campus or online) and note things that appeal to you. What factors are important?

o   Research funding for college, including scholarships, grants, loans, etc.

o   Narrow down your field of interest and reach out for mentors to answer questions or shadow.

o   Take the PSAT in October

o   Create a GA Futures account ( to keep track of your HOPE GPA.

o   Make sure you take HOPE rigor courses to be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship.



o   Check your HOPE GPA in GA Futures.

o   Visit or revisit any colleges still undecided on.

o   Make sure you are set to complete all graduation requirements.

o   Retake the SAT/ACT if you feel you need to boost your score.

o   Request teachers, mentors and counselors to write letters of recommendation.

o   Complete and submit college and scholarship applications prior to deadlines.

o   Work with your parents to complete and submit the FAFSA.

o   As college acceptance letters arrive, explore the colleges more, visit the campuses again, consider financial aid packages offered. Make the choice that’s right for you!