Football @ Brookwood

Dear Seminole County High School, 

We are looking forward to hosting Seminole County this Friday. I am sure that the players from each of our schools are looking forward to competition under the lights.

I am writing to make you aware of the policies that we have in place to keep our visiting teams safe and comfortable in the midst of the pandemic.

We will have a separate parking lot and entrance for our visitors. We ask that all visitors arrive wearing masks and keep them on until they are in place on the visitor’s side. We will have separate rest facilities for visitors, as well as a separate concession area with limited concessions. Our goal is to avoid interaction from the home and visiting fans for safety and to avoid the complexity of contract tracing in the event of a case of COVID-19 on either side.

We have limited our capacity for home fan attendance. This total number will change throughout the season. We are not limiting the number of visiting fans. I would suggest, however, that our visiting stands and field space would comfortably fit no more than 75 people with safe social distancing. I have attached a photo of the area for visiting fans and would be happy to address any specific questions that you may have.

We have asked our fans to wear masks and to physically distance. We will not “police” your side of the field and will respect the expectations that you have in place for your fans.

We cordially invite your cheerleaders. That said, we will not have a halftime show with cheerleaders, and cannot accommodate a marching band (I have already communicated about this with Dr. Burke).

I know that Coach Boggs has been in ongoing communication with your school about the status of each team and school with respect to COVID-19. Let’s plan to touch base once more this week to discuss the health of our teams and schools so that we can address any potential COVID-related concerns. We will be entirely transparent with you about our status in that conversation.

As with everything in our worlds, our fan attendance policy is a work in progress!

I hope that you are having a productive and safe school year.


Dr. Randy Watts

Headmaster, Brookwood School