School Spirit

Back to School

Seminole County High School


Despite the struggles of starting back to school amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Seminole County Middle/High staff has done an amazing job to getting the school back on track. Our new principal, Mr. Purdy has provided many upgrades to the appearance of our school as well as its operation. 

Another improvement to the school is more school pride.  The cheerleaders and staff have covered the school head to toe with posters and paintings to boost school spirit. Just a walk down the halls where new school motto signs are located or a drive by the gym, show off the school branding - you know where you are when you are here, and you can see the pride on every wall. 

Other changes include a seven period schedule as well as a Tribe Time class between first and second period. Tribe Time teaches many important lessons for building character as well providing time for students to discuss academic plans with the Tribe Teacher.  Clubs also meet during Tribe Time, and there are weekly rotations with four clubs meeting each week.  This allows students to participate in four clubs or more a month. This increases student school involvement as well as gives many more class options for students to choose from. 

On another positive note, there have been some student-friendly adjustments to the phone policy; students can now use their devices during lunch as well as in between classes. However, phones are still prohibited while in class.

This year, seniors have special privileges.  They now have their own private lunch area complete with a TV. The school also offers sweet tea for a dollar and water bottles for 50 cents. Mr. Purdy has many more surprises for the rest of the school year, and we can't wait to see what he has to offer.

Written by  SCHS Journalism students, Savannah Alderman and Hillary Bell