COVID updates for SCMHS

Seminole County’s Covid Precautions 

Covid-19 is trying to take over, but the Seminole County School System has taken every precaution to prevent its spread. Seminole County High School principal Mr. Shane Purdy allowed us to interview him Monday, August 31. 

In the interview, we asked Principal Purdy what extra precautions were being taken this school year. He began explaining to us that students had daily temperature checks before coming into the school. If  students have a temperature, the following protocol will be taken: if they are in a car, they will immediately leave school grounds. For the students who develop a fever at school and have to wait for their parents to come to pick them up, the nurse has created an isolated room in the nurse's office where the student will remain until parents arrive. If  students are exposed to or diagnosed with COVID, they must quarantine for two weeks. If the student is an athlete, an extra five days will be added to the two weeks according to GHSA guidelines. 

When the student is put into quarantine, essential steps are in place to ensure academic success. For instance, the school has prepared teachers throughout summer with classes on Google Meet and Google Classroom. These specific classes taught the teachers how to record their lectures and post them for students.. They also were taught how to use Google Meet so that when the students are at home, they can add them to a call, and the student can see everything that is going on in class. Mr. Purdy wanted to inform parents that their children would not be counted absent if sent home and in quarantine. He understands that this is an inconvenience but wants to assure parents that the school is taking significant steps to ensure students' safety. He also stated that if students need lunch or meal assistance, they can contact the school and meals will be provided.

Mr. Purdy explained to us that they had put hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere in the building and were strongly encouraging students to wear masks. Pin codes were removed from the lunchroom so that students would have minimal contact, and he further explained that he expanded our lunchroom into the gym lobby for seniors to maintain social distancing for all students in the cafeteria(s). The school has also taken even further steps and required teachers to wipe down every desk and surface in the classrooms and cafeteria before other students enter the area. 

Mr. Purdy finally concluded that the janitorial staff is coming in nightly to mist and clean the school so that we can ensure it to be safe and kill as much bacteria as possible. Mr. Purdy wanted to conclude that "the school is taking drastic steps to prevent sickness and is ready for everyone to hurry back so that we can have a good year." 

  • Article written by Elizabeth DuBose and Katelyn Greenstein, SCMHS Journalism students