New Dates for Open House

Open House for the Middle High School has been changed due to the start of school being postponed until August 24.  We will be meeting with one grade per night beginning on August 10.  Students will enter the building at the gym lobby.  There will be tables set up for signing in and picking up schedules and Chromebooks.  Students and parents will follow a controlled schedule to meet their teachers and be given information regarding changes in school operations.  Students and parents should arrive no later than 5:00.  Please limit the number of people that come with students to parents/guardians only, if possible.  We recommend that everyone wear a mask and practice social distancing when possible.

6th Grade Orientation- Monday, August 10, 2020- 5:00-7:00

7th Grade Open House- Tuesday, August 11, 2020- 5:00-7:00

8th Grade Open House- Wednesday, August 12, 2020-5:00-7:00

Virtual Learning Open House- Thursday, August 13, 2020- 5:00-7:00

9th Grade Orientation- Monday, August 17, 2020- 5:00-7:00

10th Grade Open House- Tuesday, August 18, 2020- 5:00-7:00

11th Grade Open House- Wednesday, August 19, 2020- 5:00-7:00

12th Grade Open House- Thursday, August 20, 2020- 5:00-7:00