Seminole County 4-H members participated in the District Poultry Judging Contest on Monday, April 15, in Tifton. Congratulations to the Junior team (4th—8th grade), which placed 1st overall. Cason Gross placed 2nd as a junior individual, and Addy Eakin placed 9th in the junior competition. 

The Senior team (9th-12th grade) placed 4th out of 10 teams, and Decatur Milner placed 4th as an individual in the senior competition.

The 4-H’ers judged ready-to-cook birds, ready-to-cook parts, broken-out eggs, exterior quality of eggs, candling, parts identification, boneless breaded parts, and live birds. They were required to give one set of oral reasons and complete a written test.

Team members are:  Ivan Gerberich, Cason Gross, Madison Deese, Sara Belisle, Decatur Milner, Rylan Cook, Timothy Brown, Abbie Helms, Lyndon Touchton, Kaleigh Downing, Addy Eakin, Kelly Currin