Math teams from Seminole County traveled to Thomas University to participate in the inaugural Dr. Dale Graham Mathematics Tournament. This event was established to recognize Dr. Graham for her dedication to Thomas County Schools and her promotion of mathematical excellence within schools and neighboring communities. Fifteen students represented Seminole County, highlighting their commitment to mathematical excellence. Events like these foster healthy competition and inspire students to engage with math in creative and exciting ways. Seminole County is proud to have sent two teams to compete this year, and students enjoyed participating in an exciting morning of mathematical challenges. 

The 8th Grade Team members were Liam Akin, Victoria Chapman, Mariah Coachman, Khloe Moye, and Meghan Crawford. 

The JV team consisted of Courtney Cannon, Carrigan Bridges, Christian Albritton, Ava Thompson, Emma Godby, Hannah Castor, Laura West, Isabella Hilton, Justin Mann and Katelyn Fudge.