High School Yearbook Staff

Students can apply at the end of each year to be on the yearbook staff. This group designs and creates the yearbook for grades 9-12.

Mary Jean Albritton

Section Assignments:
Editor: Emmalee Bell
Academics: Punit Kapadia and Nick Bathchelor 
Activities: Rebecca Bell and Olivia Craft
Student Life: Melody Bryant and Carley Dowling
Sports: Kacie Hill, Chelsia Adams, Andree Richardson, and Jwa Clark

Seniors - Cidney Adams and Megan Lambright
Juniors -  Riley Newberry and Christina Miller
Sophomores - Karsyn Blanchard
Freshmen - Emma Chloe Arnold and Bailey Dixon

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August 3 Varsity Football
August 25 School Pictures (9-11), Senior Boys
August 26 School Pictures (6-8), Senior Girls
September 1 Middle School Football (3:00 pm)
September 20 School Picture Make-Ups (6-11), Cross Country, Softball, Band (MS and HS)
October 8 Homecoming Dance
November 10 Club Pictures (6-12)
January 12 Basketball (6-12)
March 14 Spring Pictures (6-12), Baseball, Tennis, Golf (6-12)
April 15 Prom
April 20 Cap and Gown, Senior Favorites
May 26 Graduation

 Some dates may change due to unforeseen conflicts.