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FCCLA Calendar

Seminole County High School FCCLA Calendar-2016-2017


  • Aug. 5-Power of One-A Better You project begins
  • Aug. 15-Deadline to pay dues to sign up for officer election
  • Aug. 16-Drink Orders Due
  • Aug. 18-FCCLA meeting-8:00-8:25
  • Aug. 19-FCCLA Officer Training
  • Aug. 20-Discover Training FCCLA Camp John Hope-Covington
  • Aug. 25-Drink Delivery
  • Aug. 31-Power of One-A Better You-project due, Family Ties project begins
  • Aug. 31-Deadline to turn in form and $ for Fall Leadership-dues must be paid to attend


  • Sep. 8-Officer and Member Induction
  • Sep. 13-Drink orders due
  • Sep. 15-16-FCCLA Fall Leadership Conference-State Camp, Covington
  • Sep. 22-Drink Delivery
  • Sep. 28-Deadline to turn in form and $ for Fall Rally-dues must be paid to attend
  • Sep. 30-Power of One-Family Ties-project due, Working on working project begins


  • Oct. 11-Drink Orders Due
  • Oct. 12-Fall Rally
  • Oct. 20-FCCLA meeting-8:00-8:25
  • Oct. 20-Drink Delivery
  • Oct. 28-Deadline to pay membership dues to participate in Star Events and State Meeting
  • Oct. 30-Power of One-Working on Working-project due, Take the Lead project begins


  • Nov. 1-Begin collecting food for a needy family for Thanksgiving and Coat and Blanket Project
  • Nov. 8-Drink Orders Due
  • Nov. 11-Star Events presentation to classes to display previous projects
  • Nov. 13-FCCLA meeting-8:00-8:25
  • Nov. 17-Drink Delivery
  • Nov. 18-Food delivery to Methodist Church
  • Nov. 28-Sign up for Star Events-first work session after school


  • Dec. 2-Power of One-Take the Lead-project due, Speak Out for FCCLA project begins
  • Dec. 9-FCCLA Christmas Family Project-3:00-9:00pm-Bainbridge-Bowling and Supper


  • Jan. 9-Deadline to start on a Star Events project
  • Jan. 10-Drink Orders Due
  • Jan. 16-Power of One-Speak Out for FCCLA-project due
  • Jan. 19-FCCLA meeting-8:00-8:25
  • Jan. 19-Drink Delivery
  • Jan. 30-STAR Events and Power of One application forms due to State Office


  • Feb. 11-STAR Events Region Warner Robins
  • Feb. 13-17-National FCCLA Week
  • Feb. 14-Drink Orders Due
  • Feb. 16-FCCLA meeting-8:00-8:25
  • Feb. 23-Drink Delivery
  • Feb. 27-State and National project and award forms due AND -State Leadership Meeting money-$85.00 and forms due


  • Mar. 14-Drink Orders Due
  • Mar. 20-22-FCCLA State Leadership Meeting-Athens
  • Mar. 23-Drink Delivery
  • Mar. 30-FCCLA meeting-8:00-8:25-Officer recognition


  • Apr. 11-Drink Orders Due
  • Apr. 20-FCCLA meeting-8:00-8:25-Senior recognition
  • Apr. 20-Drink Delivery


  • May 9-Drink Orders Due
  • May 19-FCCLA End of the Year Activity
  • May 18-Drink Delivery