Dallas Burke, Director

Lead by band director Dallas Burke, The Green Machine band plays at community concerts, local events, and at the Friday night football games in the fall. Come and see the Green Machine and join the band boosters to support the band even more!

2016-2017 Officers
President - Elyse Rognstad
Vice President - Samantha McLendon
Spirit Leader - Katibeth Mims
Chaplain - Kystyn Lundy
Drum Major - Callie Rathel
Assistant Drum Major - Kystyn Lundy
Majorette Captain - Karsyn Blanchard
Majorette Co-Captain - Cassie Cannon
Feature Twirler - Morgan Giannars
Lady Chiefs Captain - Katibeth Mims
Lady Chiefs Co-Captain - Bianca Torres
Woodwind Captain - Sydney Gaarder
Woodwind Co-Captain - Kayla Williams
Saxophone Section Leader - Tiffany Peterson
Upper Brass Captain - Tyler Baker
Upper Brass Co-Captain - Joshua Kenyon
Low Brass Captain - Michael Brown
Low Brass Co-Captain - Gernice Wilson
Drum Captain - Elyse Rognstad
Drum Co-Captain -Kystyn Lundy
Bass Drum Section Leader - T'hana Tolbert
Transportation Captain - Dallan Heard

Band Jam Results
Drum Major - 1st Place
Auxiliaries - 1st Place
Drumline - 2nd Place
Winds/Brass - 3rd Place