Social Studies Department (Grades 9-12)

Jordan Arline
Nicole Collins
Jennifer Jarvis


World Geography - Investigates regions of the world and how these regions influence the historical, economical, political and cultural development in an interdependent world. Includes geographic concepts, physical phenomena and the relationship of people to their environment.  Includes environmental issues and decision-making skills. Covers regions, location (position on earth's surface), place (physical and human characteristics), relationships within places and movement (human interaction on the earth).

World History - Emphasizes the political, cultural, economic and social development and growth of civilizations. Covers the development of change beginning with ancient civilizations, the emergence of nations through trade/communications, intellectual development, scientific/technological development, emergence of nation states, nations in conflict and the emerging interdependence of nations in the twentieth century.  (Required for College Prep)

U.S. History - Investigates the United States, its people, institutions and heritage. Emphasizes political, cultural and social issues, the role of the United States as a world leader and the issues confronting the United States today. (Required for all students)

Economics - Focuses on the American economic system; covers fundamental economic concepts, comparative economic systems, microeconomics, macroeconomics and international economic interdependence. Stresses the ability to analyze critically and to make decisions concerning public issues. This course is designed to be completed in one quarter or one semester.  (Required for all students)

Civics/Citizenship Education (Government) - Focuses on basic concepts and principles of the American political system. Covers the structure and function of the American system of government, the roles and responsibilities of citizens to participate in the political process, and the relationship of the individual to the law and legal system. Stresses critical analysis of public issues. Integrates and reinforces social studies skills. This course is designed to be  completed in one quarter or one semester. This course meets the state’s Citizenship requirement for graduation.  (Required for all students)

AP U.S. History - Conforms to college Board topics for the Advanced Placement United States History Examination. Covers discovery and settlement, Colonial Society, the American Revolution, Constitution and the New Republic, Age of Jefferson, Nationalism, Sectionalism, Territorial Expansion, Civil War, Reconstruction, Industrialization, Progressive Era, World War I, Depression, New Deal, World War II, the Cold War, through modern times.

AP World History - Conforms to College Board topics for the Advance Placement World History Examination. Covers the relationship of change and continuity for 8000 BC to the present, the impact of interaction among and within major societies, the impact of technology, economics, and demography on people and the environment, the systems of social structure and gender structure, the cultural, religious, and intellectual developments, and finally, the changes in functions and structures of states and in attitudes toward states and political identities, including the emergence of the nation-state.