Music Department

Dallas Burke
Maribeth Burke


Drama I, II, III, IV - Is open to students who are entering grades 9-12 and are interested in the aspects of theatre whether it is acting on the stage or technical work behind the stage. Students will have the opportunity to participate in One-Act Play as well as other school related theatrical experiences.

Chorus I, II, III, IV - An education in music and choral performance. Students are given an opportunity to perform individually and in small and large groups. Students compete in area, region, and state events.

Marching/Concert Band I, II, III, IV - This course is designed to educate students in the areas of instrumental music through performance. The marching band performs as entertainment at the football games. The concert band performs through the community and school as well as concert festivals.

AP Music Theory - The ultimate goal of an AP Music Theory course is to develop a student's ability to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music that are heard or presented in a score. The achievement of these goals may best be approached by initially addressing fundamental aural, analytical, and compositional skills using both listening and written exercises. Building on this foundation, the course should progress to include more creative tasks, such as the harmonization of a melody by selecting appropriate chords, composing a musical bass line to provide two-voice counterpoint, or the realization of figured-bass notation.