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Events for Seminole County Middle/High School are posted to an online calendar.  You can access this by clicking on the Calendar link on the left under the HOME label.  If you need something added or changed to the calendar, please notify Kent Richardson at krichardson@seminole.k12.ga.us.

SCMHS to administer the Georgia Milestones End-of-Grade Assessments on April 19-26, 2018

Seminole County Middle/High School will administer the Georgia Milestones End-of-Course Assessment beginning Thursday, April 19 to Thursday, April 26.  Students currently enrolled in grades 6-8 will take these assessments.  The purpose of the Georgia Milestones Assessment System is to measure how well students have learned the knowledge and skills outlined in the state-adopted content standards in courses within the four academic content areas.  These assessments will be administered online to these students.  These students will be trained on the online testing process during their class time.

Additional information concerning the Georgia Milestones Assessment System is available on the Georgia Department of Education’s website at   http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Assessment/Pages/Georgia-Milestones-Assessment-System.aspx.   To see what online testing is like, you and your student may visit the Experience Online Testing Georgia website at http://www.gaexperienceonline.com/.

The items contained within the demonstration tests are general and represent multiple grade levels.  This demonstration serves to represent the process of online testing and not specific content items for a given subject.   If you have any questions concerning these assessments, you may call the school at (229) 524-5135 and talk with Mr. Kent Richardson, Principal or Mrs. Susan Chambliss, SCMHS Test Coordinator.  

The schedule is as follows:
  • Grades 6, 7, 8 :  April 19 - English Language Arts Section I (Reading and Evidence-Based Writing)
  • Grades 6, 7, 8 : April 20 - English Language Arts Sections 2 & 3
  • Grades 6, 7, 8 : April 23 - Math
  • Grade 8 only: April 23 - Science
  • Grade 8 only:  April 24 - Social Studies

April 26 is a make-up day if needed.  Beginning this year, students in grades 6 and 7 will not have a Georgia Milestones EOG in science and social studies.  These students, along with grade 8 students, will take an SLO in science and social studies.



The mission of Seminole County Middle/High School is to educate and graduate independent thinkers by providing a standard of high expectation through rigorous and balanced curriculum instruction.


The vision of Seminole County Middle/High School to educate and graduate independent thinkers who will become productive world citizens.


We believe that
  • learning is enhanced through family and community involvement.
  • because student learning is the priority of Seminole County Middle/High School, learning needs will be the primary focus of all decisions made by and for our school.
  • each student is a valued and unique individual whose needs will be provided for through current curriculum designed to include a variety of instructional approaches.
  • the faculty and staff of Seminole County Middle/High School will endorse positive relationships with students which will promote self-esteem, trust, morality and mutual respect.
  • a safe environment is essential for student learning.
  • the commitment of continuous school improvement will support our vision to educate and graduate independent thinkers who will be productive and responsible citizens.

Service Map for Childhood Health and Education in Georgia

Sometimes it can be difficult for parents, caregivers, and others who work with children and families to navigate and access the various services that are available in Georgia. To address this challenge, the Georgia Department of Community Health developed the Service Map for Childhood Health and Education in Georgia. This is the link to the Service Map: https://dch.georgia.gov/sites/dch.georgia.gov/files/related_files/site_page/Service%20Map_web_homeprint_v12_comp.pdf

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